Change the default input parameter values for Java Explorer. How can I change the credentials used to log into the server in Performance Explorer? How do I export baseline report. How can I resolve the replay error “OraForms: How can I verify that a Recording Rule has been executed during the record process?

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How can I pass integers to Nullable types in.

How can I resolve the “Command failed. Viewing the times for specific Transactions in a monitor graph while the test is running. How do I find out which version of Secure Shell is running at the remote host machine I am trying to connect to? Can I initialize arrays as local variables declared in a function? How do I resolve the error “File Error” when trying to open a.

Is it possible to include functions from an external DLL that returns value in a structure? Showing parsed data in TrueLog Explorer. Net Explorer for all projects?

ipfw+dummynet network emulator

Compile a new kernel with support for IPFW and Dummynet, putting this dummgnet on your kernel config file:. Custom data file changes after re-opening SilkPerformer project.


It seems as if the download is happening in bursts! What is Start Time Iprw and how does it affect my loadtest? SilkPerformer recorder crashes with the error “perfrun. How can I improve Truelog generation performance when executing a Citrix project?

[ubuntu] Dummynet ipfw install

CitrixParseText function is not returning the full result string. What data sources can I monitor with Sam Lite? Showing warnings and informational severity messages in overview report. Compile error “SEM How can I tell if a test was stopped, killed or aborted after a test has been run?

Citrix recording failure on Windows 7. How can I prevent a custom timer measure from being included if an “Application Error” occurs within the timer during a load test? The following error is returned when trying to install netipfw. Citrix scripts fail with “CitrixConnect CitrixEngine: How can I randomize a string being used to query my database in a SQL command? What are the key new features and enhancements for dynaTrace diagnostics 2. Is it possible to configure SilkPerformer to simulate users sharing network bandwidth?


Can delimiters be used within the data in Comma separated files?

During replay why is the double click action not implemented by te function “CitrixMouseDblClick”? Does anyone have an idea what could be the cause? If I do not have SilkMeter installed on my local installation of SilkPerformer how can I check the number of free licenses available on a remote SilkMeter Server prior to running a loadtest?

How can I tell how many vusers executed a particular bdf script from tsd data? How does the SilkPerformer recorder generate test scripts? Looks like you have to compile it yourself. Once signed in you are at the User Terminal.

Using SilkPerformer for testing web applications for mobile devices.