Service Packs and to the DotNet Framework. It is important that you keep your computer current with the latest updates to the Operating System i. To install, click the link below and click the download button on the respective web page. This is a major upgrade from Platform 4. Many, many thanks to Ray for this useful program.

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The only valid instruction that we can provide is to follow all instructions ascim the ASCOM website to the letter! Through the application of virtual serial ports, APCC will act as a hub for a number of other applications that can all communicate with the mount through a single COM port. Unlike the earlier driver, this V2 driver is now fully owned and supported by Astro-Physics. The task of software developers to keep up with new mounts, cameras, focusers, etc.

Check this link to see Tim Benedictus demonstrate these products at the Macworld Expo. Virtual serial ports to connect multiple applications Customizable meridian limits that work in conjunction with an improved meridian delay feature Customizable horizon limits Highly sophisticated pointing model and variable tracking rate for both axes 3-D modeling of your ascpm position showing the orientation of the scope and mount for remote users Complete mount control including terminal interface Many more Some platform updates may require that you first uninstall a previous version.

To install the driver, simply click the link in the QuickLinks table under the “Latest Version” heading and either run the file or save it and run it later.

The issue would occur if the mount is allowed to track into a counterweight up position i. Astrophgsics term was originally coined by Ray Asrophysics when he developed his software by the same name.


If you are currently using the old driver, we strongly suggest that you upgrade. The ASCOM platform provides a common language for all the software, and then each individual driver translates that common language into the specific command laguage needed to make the equipment do what we want it to do.

Park 5 parks the scope on the opposite side of the pier facing north to the horizon.

Many, many thanks to Ray for this useful program. Partial list of features: On the Mac side, you might wish to connect both Astro-Planner and Equinox for an observing or imaging session.

Click the download button and follow the installer instructions to install the platform from the website.

We encourage you to use this interface for PC-based control of your mount! Additional information regarding the features of the keypad are at this link: Please use one of these versions if you are in Europe and have “,” and “. This is required because the location of the driver and supporting applications has changed so as not to potentially interfere with other ASCOM drivers.

ASCOM AstroPhysics V2 Telescope Driver v by Astro-Physics – Should I Remove It?

Scroll down to the section entitled: Note that these options are referred to as “telescope” control, but the telescope is just along for the ride. You do not need to uninstall a previously version version of the driver, even if you want to install an older version over the top of a newer version.

Please refer to his web site http: Service Packs and to the DotNet Framework. If you are installing the platform for the first time, the installation is rather straight-forward once the necessary Windows and DotNet updates have beeen completed.


Park 4 parks the scope on the opposite side astrophyslcs the pier facing south to the horizon.

There are many options available for controlling your mount whether you are out for a night of observing your favorite objects without a PC your Keypad serving as your handheld computerconducting a public star party imagine using an iPad to “WOW” the kids or remote imaging APCC will allow you to control your mount in the comfort of your home.

If you are updating from an earlier platform version, pay astriphysics attention to any warnings or instructions that you see on the web page or in the installer program.

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Most advanced planetarium and telescope control software packages have an option to use the ASCOM platform, or else they require it outright.

Links to third party sites were current at the time of webpage publication, but are not under the control of Astro-Physics. Refer to additional information regarding the V2 driver below. Note that while you can still use Park 1, do so at your own risk. It can help correct tracking errors caused by polar misalignment and atmospheric refraction. Be aware that the latest platform update may also require the latest DotNet upgrade.